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April 30 2013

Panning a comedy’s first six episodes is like complaining that a newborn has insufficient neck strength.
The New Yorker: Emily Nussbaum – HBO’s “Veep” Review

April 25 2013

Werte Freunde der Sonne,

immer wieder gern lassen wir Sie Einblick in unseren internen Briefverkehr nehmen. Wie Ihnen vielleicht bekannt ist, senden Künstler vorab ihre Anforderungen von Dingen oder Menschen, die bei ihrer Ankunft vorhanden sein sollten, sogenannte Rider. Ab und zu sind Glanzstückchen dabei, die wir Ihnen nicht vorenthalten möchten.
Kürzlich erreichte uns folgendes Schreiben:

The following must be provided to the ARTIST:
One (1) Rainbow (Natural displaying itself within nature)
One (1) NBA regulation Basketball hoop with a backboard that has the artists’ face painted on it
Two (2) bottles Zico Coconut Water
One (1) building
One (1) unicorn
Two (2) Disposable Cameras (Very Important)
Four (4) bones from an archeological dig
One (1) Poster of the cast from Workaholics – or – any picture of Adam Demamp
One (1) bag of dreams
One (1) Box of Condoms
One (1) Performance of “Call Me Maybe” by your staff
Three (3) Sleeping Bags made of denim
One (1) Member Odd Future (not Taco)
The Promoter’s girlfriend’s phone number
Any member of Blink-182’s cell phone number
One (1) Map of an imaginary nation where the Artist is President of the World
One (1) Boomerang
Uebel & Gefährlich-Newsletter, 24.04.2013

April 17 2013

completely serene
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April 15 2013

Ann Perkins: How many drinks of alcohol do you consume a week?
Ron Swanson: One.
Ann Perkins: That’s it? One drink?
Ron Swanson: One shelf.
Ann Perkins: Do you exercise?
Ron Swanson: Yes. Lovemaking and woodworking.
Ann Perkins: Do you have any history of mental illness in your family?
Ron Swanson: I have an uncle who does yoga.
Ann Perkins: Allergies?
Ron Swanson: Cowardice and weak-willed men. And hazelnuts.
Ann Perkins: Sexual history?
Ron Swanson: Epic and private.
Parks and Recreation: Animal Control
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April 05 2013

how small a salary can i live on?
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