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February 06 2013

Humans are far more productive than anything in the animal kingdom. Trust me, I spend my entire workday watching kittens on YouTube. They get nothing done.
Stephen Colbert
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September 20 2012

Our constitution means we can’t stop people from making movies that are stupid or grossly offensive. For instance, we made three Transformers. Where were the mobs then? Where were the riots?
Stephen Colbert
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July 30 2012

4. Having a pint with a racist
Maybe it's the invisibility of old people, but I rarely "fall into conversation" with morons in the pub these days. It's what happened in the golden age before we had mobiles to check. There'd be a neutral remark about the weather and before you knew it some sullen clump of sideboards and tash opposite would be blaming "them" for his early black-and-white version of Broken Britain. Then you'd have an argument while you drank your pints and it seemed quite important to engage and challenge. Today, if anyone says anything racist the protocol is to smile, pretend to go to the toilet, tweet "Oh my God, there's a totally racist dude in this pub", then covertly film them and hope they say something YouTubeable.
The Guardian: Ian Martin – Ten things I miss about the 20th century
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March 24 2010


Der »High Quality«-Button bei Youtube funktioniert übrigens nicht bei Mario-Barth-Videos.

Lukas Münich
TITANIC Online – Vom Fachmann für Kenner
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March 13 2010


Ich habe vor, der Existenz der GEMA möglichst zeitnah ein Ende zu setzen, da sie ja weder die Interessen von Künstlern noch von Konsumenten vertritt und wohl nur noch erreichen will, dass niemand mehr irgendwelche Musik hören kann, weder auf Youtube noch auf Spotify noch sonstwo.

Aber wie kann ich das am besten machen? Ich brauche dringend Rat!

— gutefrage.net: Wie kann ich die GEMA beenden?
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